Month: October 2018

5 Ways of Facebook Marketing


Facebook marketing strategy is one of the best technique for increasing likes on facebook business page or driving traffic on the website. Facebook advertising features include Demographic targeting by using Facebook user data on age, location, education, and interests. Facebook remarketing is also another method of Marketing which is based on user’s interest 1.Create a Facebook Business Page: A Facebook […]

How DuckDuckGo reaches 30 million queries per day ?

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DuckDuckGo the privacy-protecting search engine recently posted on Twitter that now it has built a new milestone, reaching 30Millions queries per day as per the Digital Marketing in Delhi. 50 % growth. The company’s owner said it took almost seven years to reach 10 million searches in a day. To reach for 20 million searches, it took […]

Role of Digital Marketing in Modern Era.

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Digital marketing Services plays a dominant role in today’s modern era Digital marketing services in Delhi is important for every business. Businesses gain publicity and reputation by spending less money on Digital platforms.  Digital Marketing Services in Delhi is less time consuming: Value of time is realised when the deadlines come close. Before starting a business,  milestones are discussed. The project […]