4 Quick ways to drive more traffic from Flipboard

4 Quick Ways to Drive More Traffic from Flipboard

Are you still searching for ways to generate traffic to your blog? Then, you will surely feel good here.

The question, How Digital Marketing Experts drive lots of traffic from Flipboard? is now put in everyone’s mind who is already using Flipboard but unable to drive traffic or desired traffic. Here I found the 4 quick ways to drive more traffic from Flipboard.

What is Flipboard?

Launched in July 2010, Flipboard is like Digital Magazines which shows other’s content on the basis of your Interest and Categories you followed. It provides content in Magazine style view.

Users can also save stories into Flipboard Magazines. It also allows users to curate their own Magazines and share relevant content in different categories.

Next. You will know “ about the 4 quick ways to drive more traffic from Flipboard. ”

1. Download Flipboard & Create Account:

Before getting started with Flipboard, you need to download the Flipboard App on your device and create an account. You should also make sure that you have selected the relevant topics as per your interest during signup. If you already have, just head to user panel after log in.

2. Create Magazine from the User Panel:

Once you create an account on Flipboard, you are free to get started with. Create magazines on Flipboard on the relevant or the topics of your interest. Make sure to include long-tail keywords on title and description section. This would help you to drive traffic to your blog or website

3. Follow and Flip to Other’s Relevant Magazines:

This is the most crucial step to generate traffic to your website and blog posts. Flipboard is the widest platform having more than 300K magazines on millions of topics. Bloggers can easily generate traffic by following the other’s magazines on their relevant topics. This trick will display your profile as well as your magazine among the millions of people active on Flipboard.

Flip is the function of Flipboard to share your content publically. Almost all of your Flipboard followers can see your magazine and drive to your website or blog. So, this is why Flipboard, nowadays, has become the right choice for all looking for the ways “How to drive traffic to new digital marketing blog or website?”

4. Leave Comment While Flipping:

Don’t forget to type some short comment while you share your content (Flipping). This will help others to know what you have in your magazine. Most of the followers having interest in your topic will go through your magazine and drive to your own blog or website.


This tutorial helps you to find the best Digital Marketing Strategy to drive traffic. I am also waiting for your feedback as well as your personal experiences of Flipboard Marketing Strategy. You can also check the list of Digital Marketing Experts with their best Flipboard Strategy.


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