5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2019

So this year 2019, you have decided to do something great in SEO, its high time now to learn how to drive traffic on the website. It’s very easy to drive public on your website by using some advanced SEO techniques. If you want the best strategy to how to increase website traffic then you have landed at the right place. Now you don’t worry about traffic as you are landed on my post and I am sure you can definitely achieve what you want from here. So let’s start the process of how to drive traffic on your website.

Here I am going to talk about some Important and mostly used advance SEO Strategies by which you can easily hit public on your blog or website. But here I am not going to explain each thing in a step by step guide as I am giving you the best SEO Strategies for your drive traffic success. As this is not the perfect roadmap by which you can gain the success or you can do all things in one way or at the same time, hence, you have to analyse each and everything about your website and use the given below strategies accordingly So, it is  a process of long term you should have the patience to convert your effort in your success. Its very simple to drive traffic and hit the public at the same time.

1. Focus on On-Page SEO: 

Learn to focus on your relevant keywords as SEO is totally depended upon Keywords. If you find most relevant keywords and use them in an appropriate way like you should not have to use keywords only in headlines or title as you also have to focus to make URL SEO friendly due to this you can achieve a result within very close time.

2. Optimize your content with Long-tail keywords:

This step is also very necessary as If you are working on a fresh website then you must have to focus on long-tail keywords rather than short-tail. The reason behind this is your site has a very low score in DA and PA (Domain Authority & Page Authority) so never use short-tail keywords like Digital Marketing you will never get anywhere from this, use long-tail like Best Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi you can get somewhere within some time and I am the example of this.

3.  Create an Email list:

Start creating an Email list is the step I guess most of you think a bit this is not relevant to the SEO Strategy as it is not about SEO on-page or SEO link building strategy then I will let you know this is most important for the SEO point of view like you never know who can visit your website or how many users can visit and of course you don’t know anyone personally to communicate them So, just create this list for the newsletter on your site as a sign-up form.

4. Guest Posting:

There are so many different ways but you can go with this. Guest posting is the best strategy for link building. Firstly you have to find other user’s blog on the relevant field and reaching out to see If they will accept your guest post then you have to do much hard work because maybe you will get a lot of rejections but reaching out new audience can actually pay off.

5.  Image Sharing on Pinterest:

 Pinterest is the best way to reaching out to many people within the relevant field. As you know many businesses get success to have great worth on Pinterest. You must create at least 10 unique pins for every blog. Pinterest is a community like other social media, o you have to post content regularly in your niche and also re-pins other user’s content. This is a powerful step to increase website traffic.

As I have mentioned only five way to achieve success for how to drive traffic on your website in 2019. But apparently, there are also so many ways like this to achieve our goal to hit the public on your blog. So you must have to focus on the above-mentioned SEO Strategies to increase traffic on your website.


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