How DuckDuckGo reaches 30 million queries per day ?

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DuckDuckGo the privacy-protecting search engine recently posted on Twitter that now it has built a new milestone, reaching 30Millions queries per day as per the Digital Marketing in Delhi.

50 % growth. The company’s owner said it took almost seven years to reach 10 million searches in a day. To reach for 20 million searches, it took another two years. But now, within a year later, it is now turning at 30 million searches per day which is a huge success for us.

The growth continuously keeps on increasing as you can tell from the published traffic charts:

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Gabriel Weinberg founder of DuckDuckGo said, “We are growing by approximately 50% a year pretty consistently so at a macro level it isn’t too surprising, just the numbers are getting such a bigger!”

Weinberg also said,  “That said it has been even increased on top of that this year, especially in the past two months.”


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Why it matters:

As per the report of Digital Marketing in Delhi, DuckDuckGo’s search engine offers an alternative source of Google, Bing and other search engines that collect and use behavioural data for ad targeting both on and off their services.

As per Compared to the tens of billions of searches Google processes in one day, DuckDuckGo’s volume also  barely registers, but the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and talk of privacy regulation in the U.S. have also raised public awareness about online data security concerns.



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