How Content is useful for improving SEO ranking?

We all people are worried about content in Digital Marketing. When I started Digital Marketing I had also think about how content plays a role for improving SEO ranking and read a couple of blogs and tried to realize the actual fact about content writing but at the end, I didn’t find pretty much stuff to learn the basic facts about content in an easy way.

One day, when I search on most favourite and number one search engine in the entire word i.e., GOOGLE then I found the Search engine Journal Blog where I read the exact definition why content matters in SEO? So here I want to explain the same with the depth of my heart. Let’s start…

Firstly make sure you have enough knowledge about What is content? How does it work?

When you the same thing “what is content?” on search engine then Google-like search engine process the 3.5 billion results per day and as we are also talking about SEO it means these results are well explained and well suited for your question.

Definition of Content:

Results which you found on the webpage during the time of searches is the peace of content. The Article, bog, press release, classified, video and anything which you found on the webpage of the search engine in the form of the result is called Content.

Now the question arises how it is useful for improving SEO ranking? SEO is interrelated to the Content, after all, Content is the king of marketing as “Content makes poor men rich, discontent makes rich men poor” This statement is apt and appropriate.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is a process to increase the online visibility of webpage to users of web search engine. It drives the bulk of traffic on your website through the organic result.” But If your content quality is not enough good then It’s doesn’t make any sense.

Content is the shocking contradiction of Digital Marketing, without having the good stuff you can’t even survive in the Digital Marketing Industry. Content has its own kind of importance. As we know the search engine king “Google” update their algorithm on a regular basis and due to this couples of website lose their ranking on the web page. And the foremost thing about Google algorithm update is Google always consider content as a base of your work if your content is not pretty good then Google affect your search engine ranking which harms your site in any way.


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