How Whatsapp Makes Money

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by Jan Koum, Brian Acon, both are the employee of Yahoo.  I have read many people curious even about How Whatsapp earn money and pay their bill? but you just have to no worries about that here I’ll explain to you that yes, it is possible to make money Ads free messenger application like “Whatsapp”.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a free downloaded messaging application for smartphones and IOS device which allows text messages, voice messages, making voice and video calls as well as sharing images, documents, user location and other media. 

Facebook-owned this free downloaded messaging application on February 19, 2014. That time the valuation of Whatsapp was  $1.5 billion and Facebook paid US$19 billion, its a big deal. (you people think why Facebook paid $19 billion for this free messaging app which is also against advertisement but it’s not like that. I’ll cover this in the article ahead.)

When Facebook-owned this IM Application now they are able to provide services to Billions of users all over the world but the question still has been stuck in everyone’ss mind how Whatsapp makes money? Even Koum & Acton already express his view against the advertisement and they don’t charge from the user for a long time.

At the initial level, Whatsapp cost charged $1 to download but in some countries, it is free to download. Hence, Whatsapp had a subscription model and that time it has around 500 million users across the world. But As we know 1$ is not enough revenue to pay our bills and other expenses. So, Its time to change the strategy and generate revenue and Whatsapp announce in a Blog Post. Which proves great revenue source for Whatsapp and now this application would now free to use.

Facebook Purchased Whatsapp in 2014 with US$19 billion

Facebook paid $19 Billion to purchase Whatsapp Application which brings new opportunities for WhatsApp earning. Now the question arises in everyone’s mind has a clear definition.
Now Facebook is authorised to use the user’s data of Whatsapp and provide better services to their users. Facebook makes new plans and strategies to improve users experience day by day and generate more and more revenue on the basis of Whatsapp. 


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