5 Reasons Mobile Marketing is Becoming More Important

First generation computers to an era of smartphones technology have evolved enormously. Revolution in technology has made use of mobile application limitless. As technology is getting revolutionized so the advertisement world is experiencing the trend shift. Advertisement world needs to start adapting innovations in technology. Use of smartphones is increasing at an incredible rate. Mobile marketing in Delhi has seen a growth of about 64% when compared to e-commerce on the desktop. Advertising world in order to achieve a goal should fit and be compatible with this palm-held smart device.

 Mobile markeitng in delhi

Marketers need to take these five points into consideration before making mobile marketing strategies. They are as follow:

1)A number of hours spent on mobile:

Metropolitan cities in India make up about 60 per cent of online smartphone sales. 4G devices made up around 45 per cent of the market in these cities. Faster and better the internet quality makes people spend more time on smartphones. At an average 4 hours are spent by people of India on daily basis. This provides a clear opportunity to capture the attention of consumers and results are very progressive and money are being spent on mobile marketing services for developing different mobile-based business gadgets.

2)Mobile covers the broader market:

 Smartphones has become a popular tool for communication because they are smaller, lighter, cheaper, portable and most important easily accessible in real time scenario. Don’t laugh but it’s a fact 3.5billion people of world use toothbrush but 4 billion people use smartphones. The shift toward mobile devices is a trend that will continue to progress, and businesses need to ensure they have a cohesive marketing plan to connect with these digital consumers. Marketers can reach wide potential customers 24/7. Mobile marketing services in Delhi is continuously on the rise.

Mobile markeitng in delhi

3)Video consumption:

Consumers nowadays are less interested in television and spend more time on online video content. TV ads cannot be shared but online advertisement can be easily shared. In 2018 expenditure on digital ads will surpass that of television. Recently a data came out from e-marketers that video ad spending for mobile will cross $628.63 billion in 2018. The video is the most popular form of online content.

4)Quick Customer Engagement:

Within 3 minutes an SMS is read by 98% of an average population. This makes it a great promotional tool and in a short span of time, it can cover a wider demographic of people. Email, video and social media services are being used extensively.

5)Remarketing and loyalty:

 With the help of social media services on smartphones, ad agencies are using as a tool for remarketing. When a user opens their Facebook account, they continuously see an ad that in past they have clicked or searched. If a user is a male, then he won’t get ads related to female products (most of the time). Customers can easily be made loyal by making them download their company app or by sending cashback offer or discount or giving a discount on their birthday.


Marketers can use Mobile marketing platform for enhancing opportunities and driving performances. It can address the target audience at the time of need.


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