Search console experiments with domain property

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Google Search Console Experiments with Domain Property

Google Search Console Experiments with Domain Property

Google is testing a new feature in Google Search Console to at least partially replace the old Google Search Console experiments with domain property.

Tristram de Silva has access to this new beta version in Web Master and shared the screenshot above. In its help document about this feature, Google says “Search Console is experimenting with a new type of web property that includes all type protocol and subdomain variations for a given domain.” Google is considering this type of new property a new “Domain property.”

What is a domain property?

As Google defines a domain property as “a bare domain or subdomain without any protocol or path. Data for all subdomains, protocols, and categories of subpaths are aggregated for this property,” Google explained in this way.

And Google added, “For example, if you define a Domain property like ‘’, it includes, any subdomains of (like,,,, and so on), as well as any subpaths in any of those domains, on both http or https.”

How can I see this feature?

This feature is not available to all users of Google Search Console (Webmaster). Google said this is an experimental feature and is by for invitation only. There is currently no other way to ask to be invited into this experiment.

How do these domain properties get created?

Google currently creates them for all of us. Google said, “At present, you can’t create a new Domain property. If you have been invited to participate in a limited test, you will have a domain created for us.” It seems after it is completely released, Google will give webmasters a way to create by their own.

Why can’t I see all the reports?

Not all of the reports within Google Search Console currently work with domain properties. Google said  that “Some reports, tools, and settings are unavailable to a property with a “Domain property.” And Domain properties are available only in the new Search Console feature, not the old version. The older version still does support the old property sets feature.

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