Upcoming Instagram Updates That You Need To Know

Top Upcoming Instagram Updates

Instagram is the fast-growing social media platform with loads of advanced features. and recently, Instagram rolled out many features regularly. This is the most arouse social media platform in recent times And there is no chance to stop here. Instagram launches new updates every month not only for some type of interactivity on the platform but also focus on user experience too.

If you are curious enough to know upcoming Instagram updates the keep reading this post to see the new updates, amazing features about Instagram. So Let’s begin:

1. Use New Upcoming Stricker:

New Story Sticker Feature

 This is the most amazing feature which will definitely be a huge responsive feature. With this feature Instagram allows you to run a fundraising campaign that will help you to collect fund from Instagram stories. The total amount of fund will surely go for the fundraising campaign.

Here are some steps guide to use this awful feature:

  •  When posting a story, click on the sticker icon
  •  Choose the non-profit and name of the fundraiser.
  •  Now, when your story is live, people can see and enter the amount they want to donate.
  •  Swipe up and see the donations by username or amount.

2. Insights of Time spent usage:

Time Spent Usage

Are you sceptical how much time you have spent on Instagram on a daily basis? I’ll point out here This feature has already been launched before a month ago. Now, you can track yourself and check the uses of time you have spent on Instagram. You have one more ultimate thing in this feature that you can also set a reminder for your regular uses like how much time you want to spend on your Instagram account this will help you to check out the relevant post only within your time spending limit.

3. New profile layout:

New Instagram profile layout

Recently Instagram has announced that they have to launch a new profile layout with different features. And before some days this layout is being rolled out and looks like you can only see the  Username, Profile Picture, Bio and location hence, You can access the followers of the user. and you can’t even see the number of posts displayed in the profile

4. Unable to see the number of likes on other user’s post:

Unabe to see ikes

Many people excited to see the number of likes on other’s post. you also? well, here I am going to tell you one of the amazing things about the Instagram upcoming feature. Now, We see the quality of post as per there likes and followers But not you can’t see how many posts get liked by.

Instagram takes this measure not only to improve the shit of quality to improve the user’s experience. They always try to up to date and launch something very creative. In fact, it helps for building strong community as well.

5. Make the payment from your Insta Account:

I know it sounds like “What?” “I mean really now, is it possible? but here I am going to tell you about this amazing feature to make payment for buying any ticket and reservation. Now we have the opportunity when we see something to buy then you can easily checkout with the upcoming payment option.

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